South Africa's most preferred manufacturers of hight output Solar and AC powered flood lights™ was established in 2000. We are based in Centurion, Gauteng, South-Africa. We are the proud manufacturers of high-output solar street lights, flood lights, solar LED lights for the industry, commercial and residencial areas. We also manufacure a range of AC transformers and other electronic equipment according to user specifications!

Combinding Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) with the Constant Current LED driver, we designed our own, unique, super efficient Solar Light Controller

Most advanced LED's currently available worldwide

State of the art optic lens technology is integrated with LEDs - resulting in super bright light

As developers, we are capable to meet the most challenging solar light applications

Support on your doorstep

At night the unit dynamically increases the output current to ensure constant lumen output

Solar lights for Farms, Plots, Mines, Inustrial, Commercial, Townhouses, Estates, Advertising Boards,  Street Lights, Repeater Stations...


  • We manufacture ourselves

  • We are in Centurion, Gauteng but operate nationally. Registered exporters

  • Supporting SA economy and GDP

  • Our lights operate at full output throughout the night

  • Up to 3 days autonomy in bad weather

  • No inverters of electricity

  • Fully programmable

  • Easy installation 3 to 9m+ poles

  • Latest solar Gel and Carbon batteries

  • Lockable enclosures

  • Remote functionality available

  • Integration with gate motors, etc.

  • One to four adjustable light bulkheads per light

  • Latest technology LEDS and solar panels

Original™ | Garden Light LEDs

Designed by dedicated, qualified engineers!

Solar Street Lights | Outdoor Garden Lights

Class leading R&D facilities™ | Solar Lanterns

No electricity or inverters required


High OUTPUT Solar Lights | Solar LIghts for Sale

Most advanced, latest technology

50 Wp-Series Solar Light

The 50Wp is our new compact range.  Ideal for residential stands, townhouses, illumination for gates, driveways and walkways. 

Provides dusk to dawn operation rendering a minimum of 1593 Lumens.  (As all our lights are programmable, the output can be increased as per user spefifications.) The battery capacity is 18Aph and the unit is available with one to four adjustable  LED light sources. The unit uses our 6-way LED PCB. 

80 - to 100Wp Series Solar Light

The 80 to 100Wp are our medium sized units. Most suitable for perimiter lights, residential estates, parking areas, light commencial and industrial applications. Provides dusk to dawn operation with integrated storage of a 40Aph GEL battery.  The total lumens exceed 3540 Lumens (programmable). The units are available with one to four LED light sources. This unit uses either our 6way LED PCB or our latest 12-WAY led PCB.

160 Wp-Series Solar Light

The 160 Wp range is our most powerful unit. Its ideal application is illumination for farms, plots, factories, mines, sports fields, etc. Provides dusk to dawn operation with the latest technology 100Aph carbon capacitor battery. Unit can provide more than 6195 lumens (fully programmable). It is available with one to four LED light sources. It utilises our latest designed 21 to 24-Way LED PCB.

* Special lights and power sources can be designed and manufactured as determined by customers.

South Africa's most preferred manufacturers of hight output AC powered flood light expanded its product offering and are now manufacturing high powered AC LED lights. Our 3x1 High Power unit is capable to provide more than 13500 lumens. The latest units can be stacked to even greater units with a 4x2 High Power unit that can produce more than 36000 lumens. Our flag ship AC powered Unit can produce more than 54000 lumens.  

repeater stations


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