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Based in Centurion, Gauteng, South-Africa, we are the proud manufacturers of high-output solar street lights, flood lights, solar LED lights for the industry, commercial and residencial areas. We also manufacure a range of AC transformers and other electronic equipment according to user specifications! 

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Solar lights for farms, plots, schools, mines, factories, gholf courses, sports field, parks, car parks, residences, townhouses ...

Utilising the latest Internet of Things (IoT) remote management of solar lights and other equipment is now possible. With technology you are fully informed of the battery quality, charge rate of your solar installations plus... temperatures, humidity etc. in agricultural, industrial and commercial installations can be monitored remotely

Solar street lights, flood lights, security lights, repeater stations, billboards, transformers, power supplies


  • Manufactured in RSA - support on your doorstep

  • As developers, we are capable to meet the most challenging solar light applications

  • We operate nationally with an extended customer base in our neighbor countries

  • Full output for up to three nights in bad weather

  • No inverters or electricity required

  • Fully programmable

  • Easy installation 2 to 9 meters and higher

  • Fits standard 101mm wooden, steel or cement poles

  • Latest solar gel, carbon & lithium batteries

  • Lockable enclosures

  • Remote functionality available

  • Integration with gate motors, etc. possible

  • One to four adjustable light bulkheads per light

  • Latest technology LEDS and solar panels

our latest solar lights range

50wp compact solar lights

Ideal for residential stands, townhouses, illumination for gates, driveways and walkways. 

Provides dusk to dawn operation rendering a minimum of 1600 Lumens.  (As all our lights are programmable, the output can be increased as per user specifications.) The battery capacity is 18Aph and the unit is available with one to four adjustable  LED light sources. The unit uses our 6-way LED PCB. 

Power supply (AC) manufacturing, MPPT charge controllers, transformer winding, PCB design & population

Combining Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) with the Constant Current LED driver, we design our own, unique, super efficient Solar Light Controller

We use the most advanced LED's currently available worldwide

State of the art optic lens technology is integrated with LEDs - resulting in super bright light

At night the unit dynamically increases the output current to ensure constant lumen output

AC LED Lights

To cater for the growing needs for extremely high output energy efficient AC LED flood lights, we expanded our product offerings and are now also manufacturing high powered AC LEDd lights. Our 3x1 High Power unit is capable to provide more than 13500 lumens. The latest units can be stacked to create even larger units. Our flagship AC powered unit can provide more than 135000 lumens.  

36000 Lumens High-Power

54000 Lumens High-Power

135000 Lumens High-Power


Centurion | Gauteng | South Africa

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