1. STANDARD PRODUCT WARRANTY. Seller warrants Products manufactured and sold by Seller will be in good working order in accordance with Seller’s standard specifications upon delivery to Customer, as follows:

2. The Standard warranty of the solar light and all the parts that make up the solar light which are the following: battery box (excluding the battery), controller, solar panel and the LED light source/s, are 15 months from date of manufacturing, or 12 months from date of commissioning and or first beneficial use.

3. If within the applicable warranty term, any component of the product shall be proved to the Seller's satisfaction to be non-conforming, or if such Products become inoperable due to defects in materials or workmanship, such Product shall be repaired or replaced at Seller's sole option.

4. Repair parts or replacement products may be new, remanufactured or refurbished, at Seller’s sole discretion.  Corrective actions on any defective Products or Services covered by warranty shall be initiated by Seller within fourteen (14) business days of receipt of written notification of such defect from Buyer, unless prevented by a force majeure event, or by Buyer or any third party. With respect to defective hardware, if the Seller is unable to correct the defect or fails to deliver a substitute product within ninety (90) days after receipt of the defective hardware, Seller will provide Buyer with a pro rata refund. 

5. Buyer shall cooperate with Seller as required to perform corrective actions.  A defect is deemed to have been corrected when the repaired or replaced product is shipped to Buyer.

6. If a defect claimed by Buyer is not covered under the scope of this warranty, Buyer shall pay Seller for all work related to the research and identification of the defect according to Seller’s standard price list then in effect or, with respect to any work performed by a subcontractor, according to the rates charged by such subcontractor. If no defect is found, Buyer shall pay troubleshooting costs in the amount of R2500-00 per incident or per light.

7. Extended warranties of up to two, four, six or twelve years for the Solar Powered LED light may be purchased within 15 months from date of manufacturing, or 12 months from date of commissioning and or first beneficial use.

8. As specified by Seller, costs of all or part of inbound and outbound shipping costs for products covered by warranty may be covered by Seller.  Buyers who fail to return the defective unit within 30 days, will be charged for the replacement unit in full.


The following events are not covered by warranty:

Failure of Buyer or an installer to follow Seller’s installation, operation or maintenance instructions;

Repair, modification or movement of the Product by Buyer or anyone other than Seller or its authorized representative, or incorrect attachment to other products not provided by Seller;

Attachment of any other product not provided by seller to the product;

Damage resulting from power surges and acts of nature, including but not limited to storms, lightning,  overvoltage, fire, flood, pests, or other events outside of Seller’s control;

Damage resulting from abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, action of third parties, improper or noncompliant use or operation, including inadequate ventilation and circulation, improper installation, commissioning, start up, maintenance, or storage, excessive pollution, dirt or dust intrusion into the Product, or installation not in compliance with the product’s environmental rating.

abnormal or unintended use; 

damage during transportation;

normal wear and tear;

damage resulting from failure to properly maintain the Products, or from unauthorized repairs or repair attempts;

Labor, installation, removal, transportation, or reinstallation of components for warranty service or any other expenses that may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement of a Product, including, but not limited to, costs related to unusual installation conditions, including impediments to access (including inadequate elevator access), rental of special tools or removal or installation of parts necessary to mount or remove the Product;

temporary loss of power or production (including any rebate, refund, or other benefit associated therewith); 


consumable components of any Product, including but not limited to fuses, and batteries;


aspects of any Product not affecting its function, including but not limited to cosmetic aspects;


damage to equipment not manufactured by Seller or resulting from use with other products not provided by Seller, including External Facilities; or


Costs arising from Buyer’s failure to provide Seller or its authorized representative with adequate access to the Products.


Buyer’s warranty rights may be assigned, without Seller’s consent, to any end user of the Products for the term of the remaining warranty period.


Any extension of the standard warranty must be specifically agreed to in writing by Seller and shall be at an additional cost to Buyer.

RETURNS. Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process


Product that was customized are not returnable.

STANDARD PRODUCTS MAY NOT BE RETURNED WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING A RETURNED MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (“”) FROM THE CUSTOMER INFORMATION CENTER. Writen concent from  Returns must be of current manufacture, in the original packaging, unused, undamaged and in saleable condition. Returns must be securely packed to reach Seller without damage and must be labeled with the proper RMA. Any cost incurred by Seller to put returned Product in saleable condition will be charged to Buyer.Returned materials that are returned to stock and that meet the above RMA requirements and do not involve a Seller error will be assessed a 25% restocking fee.Buyer’s account will be credited for the cost of the Products, minus shipping charges and the restocking fee. Seller shall bear the cost of returns resulting from Seller error, and method and route of return will be at the discretion of Seller. Costs incurred due to Buyer’s failure to follow Seller’s RMA instructions will be borne by Buyer. Buyer must contact the Customer Information Center to obtain an RMA prior to returning a Product. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against any claims, losses, damages, or expenses arising from loss of Products returned without following the RMA process.